I got many emails with same question over and over again:”How to install mods for farming simulator 2011?”, “Where to copy?” etc. So i decide to write a little help post about how to install farming simulator  2011 mods.

Procedure for installing farming simulator 2011 mods is same as for installing mods for fs 2009. But you need to remember one thing.

Mod from Farming Simulator 2009 will NOT work for Farming Simulator 2011 or vice versa.

Installing mods is really easy. You need to find a path:

Windows XP:

user/my games/farmingsimulator2011/mods/

Windows Vista:

documents/my games/farmingsimulator2011/mods/

Windows 7:

users/yourname/documents/my games/farming simulator 2011/mods/

After download zip file, just copy inside your mods folder. That’s it! Very simple. Although some mods comes like “modname_open_me.zip” in this case you need to unpack that file and then copy files to your mods folder.

One more thing:

Mods folder is not in your install directory!!!

I hope this helps.