Ahwi FM700H

ahwi-fm700h for farming simulator 15

This there are not so real as the real (eg Ahwi H600) already look different from the base frame, but have the same function.

ahwi-fm700h (1)

By conveying the Mulchguts upwards there were  ParticleSystems changed . The power required is this time  300hp, the more the better, because otherwise remains not enough power to drive the vehicle. The  textures  were this time revised  so that the logos are also presented really really sharp.


The  Mousecontrols  have changed so as not to overlook an important feature:

  • Left mouse button moves  big mouth and the Pipe (*)
  • Both mouse keys to move  the small flap

(*) The pipe can be  in transport mode  on and turn off, since the adjustment of the tractor depends. The position will be saved, so you do not always have to readjust when folding.

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Ahwi FM700H
Ahwi FM700H
Version: 1.0
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