Horsch Tiger 15LT

Horsch Tiger 15LT by Giants, KHD-Agro Star

This cultivator is originally made by Giants software and you can find it in latest farming simulator 2015 game store like Horsch Tiger 10 LT which stands for 10m wide cultivator.  KHD-Agro Star did nice job extending it to Horsch Tiger 15LT which is 15m version of original model. On paper you will need 620hp beast to pull this,  but trust me, I was pulling it with much less powerfull tractor quite nicely.

Width: 15.5m
Upkeep: 38€/day
Required power: 620hp
Price: 102 100€

Tractor you see in the screenshots is Case IH Magnum 340 CVX

Horsch Tiger 15LT
Horsch Tiger 15LT
Version: 1.1
5.6 MB
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