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Alpenflair - farming simulator 15 map by Fendtfan1 with name that says it all. Map is fully fictional region with lot's of mountains. Beware! It's a very steep map terrain. But there is plenty of arable fields and grasslands, providing you with some steady income and animal food source. Forestry lovers aren't forgotten. There is more than enough trees for all of your forestry operations. Very beautiful map, just see gallery bellow.



  • Soil Mod  installed / Do not worry, you do not play with it. (More on this in the FAQ)
  • WaterMod  is installed (see FAQ)
  • AnimationMapDoorTrigger  installed
  • Start vehicles  adapted
  • mountainous  surroundings
  • 3 outlets  (Warehouse, inn and BGA)
  • All  trees  are precipitated
  • Fields,  meadows, and even  forest  exists
  • Biogas plant  is installed
  • Animals:  Cows and chickens are installed, not sheep
  • Missions and gold coins  are installed
  • Interim storage facility  for  manure  present at the court

Full credits:

Fendtfan1 using objects and models from: VertexDezign, Sechzger, Hiase, Fatian, Marhu

Version: 1.0
228.8 MB

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