Single Axle Trailer

Single Axle Trailer by Modall

This is common one axle car trailer for farming simulator 2015 by Modall. It’s have nice Mercedes wheels so we have use nice old Mercedes Benz 200D for purpose of test with. Trailer have nice features like some animated parts, lights, tire trucks on road and of course it is washable. That means trailer gets dirty after few minutes of use but can be washed if you wish.

Beside Modall who is author of 3D model, scripts are by: Sven777b, Geri-G, PeterJ

Car you see in the screenshots along with this trailer is Merced Benz 200D 1973

Upkeep: 8€/day
Capacity: 1200 L
Price: 920€

Single Axle Trailer
Single Axle Trailer
Version: 1.0
6.1 MB

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