Crawler Tractors Modpack


This is very nice Crawler tractors modpack which not only includes old timers tractors but also some of farming equipment for farming simulator 15.

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In the pack includes:

Crawler Tractors:

  • C-60 Stalinets, T 74, T 70C, DT 75M, T 4 Altaec, VT 150, T 150-05-09.
  • Front-loader rocker PTS 77 on the basis of tractor DT 75M.
  • Plows PLN 3-35, PLN 4-35 , PLN 5-35, 6-35 PLP.
  • Cultivator of KPS 4, working width of 4 m.
  • Coupling ZP 8 for aggregation of two cultivators KPS 4.
  • Seeder SZT 3.6a, working width 3.6 m, capacity 751 liters, sowing wheat, barley, canola, grass.
  • Coupling SP 7.2 for aggregation two seeder SZT 3.6a.
  • Coupling ZP 10 for aggregation three seeder SZT 3.6a.
  • Seeder for sugarBeet and maize SST 12V, working width 5.4 m, capacity 472 liters.

Tipper trailers GKB 8527, equipped with a loader seeder ZS 30M capacity of 12,000 liters, standard transports culture, seeds, fertilizers, silage, manure, wood chips, the feed mixture. Has a lock on the front of the truck.

All equipment is soiled. On all tractors animated levers pivot, dust from the track, the script passenger in MP, adjustable linkage with the product, coupled to the earrings. All the tractor on the road left their "non-standard" trace. To install files folder traces, which is available in the archive, you must copy the game folder "/data/vehicles/shared" with the replacement of existing in it.

Full Credits:

Modell / Textur / In game: scholl, nevan, MAC, yurovich, vladimir, ursus1234, Professor (cer5840), AndreyGunko, Alexandr17, Myjaki, ??????_1995, LP-Modding ANDREI1994, ?-150, Expert, LSSA Modding Team, }I{EKA, Lex90, Vanya_Grozznyj, Jensgollum JK Modding, Brodo, Trucker72, BrUISeR, DRONKLIM, Kirill, ??????? ??????? (Dang), Vasya_TM, ?????? ????, P@vruh@, Life, Dima29-303, ksergey13, werik, Silak_68
Edit FS2013: zaydel, satalit368
Scripts: Giants, StarT, ANUBIS95, Alex2009, Sven777b, dim-dim, werik, Silak_68, igor29381
Edit FS15 / Scripting: igor29381, werik, Silak_68
Test in MP: igor29381, stasenko100

Crawler Tractor Modpack
Crawler Tractor Modpack
Version: 1.0
163.9 MB

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