LogOn Logging Trailer

LogOn Logging Trailer for farming simlator 15

A fictional trailer manufactured by a fictional company. I wanted a log trailer that could handle some real logs to include as starter equipment on my map...and I wanted it quick so last weekend I started this as an experiment. Turned out better than I ever hoped all things considered. Note that it was designed and tested using the default MAN truck. Obviously I could not test every truck out there. Some trucks, notably the popular Peterbilt 378/379's cause the trailer to 'jump' when you connect it. It's not a huge issue but it's there. I mention it because there's nothing I can do about it. Those Pete's are scaled just a bit too small and so their 5th wheel is lower than it should be...which is to say, lower than the MAN. Rocketman's Kenworth K100 works great as do any of the Kraz semi trucks I've tried. Results will no doubt vary.

  • the logs loaded on it in the screens were cut to 15m so the trailer could probably handle a little bit longer lengths but 15m is the recommended.
  • extra, 'invisible' stakes in the areas indicated by the chains for better load holding.
  • other decorative chains here and there.
  • the collision along the 'spine' drops down to the height of the lower space frame in the center of the trailer which allows for easy grabbing of loaded logs.
  • under 12,000 polys total (including the wheels which are over 5000 by themselves).
  • gets dirty...but it's not pretty. Whatever. The whole thing is basically made out of hydraulic rams.
  • colour choice.
  • lights...lots of lights...
  • soft soil support bar adds support on...soft soil...
  • dust and traces..woot!!!!
  • wheel chocks...'cause you'd never be able to find a chunk of wood around a logging camp...


LogOn Logging Trailer
LogOn Logging Trailer
Version: 1.1
6.7 MB

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