John Deere 6920s

Farming simulator - john-deere-6920s mods

Farming simulator 15 mods - John Deer 6920s is decent medium size tractor for every prospering farmer. Strong and versatile six-cylinder direct injection diesel engine produce 160hp which is enough for the most of jobs on medium sized farms.


This is a pack of two version tractors' front hydraulic "&" front weight "and AttachableObjects JD Weight 900kg for front hydraulic.


Average looking interior.


Am not sure about you but I found John Deere one of my favorite agricultural brands.

Specializations and scripts *:

  • animatedVehicle
  • motorized
  • steerable
  • drivable
  • cylindered
  • hirable
  • aiTractor
  • bunkerSiloCompacter
  • honk
  • mountable
  • indoorHud
  • washable
  • FKH
  • interactiveControl
  • interactiveWindows
  • universalToggleParts
  • zylinderV2
  • Selectable
  • doorOpener
  • warningSigns

Full Credits:

Model: roller90, Timber131, JDFan,  MB3D Modelling  and deere_power
In Game: deere_power
Scripts: deere_power

John Deere 6920s
John Deere 6920s
Version: 1.0
48.7 MB

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