Poplar Valley

Poplar valey map for farming simulator 2015

This is a full size map including Cows,Sheep,Chickens,Pigs,Beef,BioGas and Arable/Cropping.
The map is styled off the New Zealand country side and you will see allot of NZ features in the map.
Its been built to suit my liking and my style of map, it may confuse some of you so don't hesitate to PM me regarding how I play the map (how it's built to be played)

I'm not the best at writing these descriptions so I will leave the pictures to show off the map.

The following mods have been added into the map:
-Dorset's Big and Bold Foliage Pack (Partial) Credit Dorset
-Multi Angle Terrian Detail Mod Credit Petorious
-Soil Management Mod Credit Decker_MMIV
-Paintable Trees Credit NI Modding
-Animation Map Trigger Vertex Design
-Pig and Beef mod Credit MFG Mannie313

Therefore you will need both the AnimationMapTrigger.zip and SoilManagement.zip in your mods folder

More screenshots:

-This map is made to new zealand terrain and has quite hilly areas.. We have tested it with all vehicles and if you know how to drive on steep terrain you'll be fine to work up all the land. It may be slow work but it's possible!
-Due to the collisions on fences and/or trees around fields i'd suggest you to do a few headlands before hiring your worker.
-You own all fields when entering the game. You Cannot Buy Them.
-The map is suited to a higher end computer but should run on most computers with a lower frame rate.
Map work - Myself Smith97
Base Map - Robbie
Map Objects - Myself Smith97, Dorest, EuroDzn, Fatian, Andrei Valentin, Petorious, Decker_MMIV, VertexDezign, SandGroper , Chris 7710, NI Modding, SteveC, Sean6920s, Jdeereboy14, GIANTS, Ifan, Javier007, BulletBill83, MFG Mannie313

Poplar Valey
Poplar Valey
Version: 1.0
259.2 MB

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