Fliegl 4-Axis Trailer

Fliegl 4-axis 01

Large Fliegl trailer by MBJ, Stefan for farming simulator 15 will make all your transporting much easier. Whit capacity of 52 000L you will travel less but transport more goods to your farm or the the buyer. You can even attach few of those at once, boosting you hauling capacity to the sky. enjoy my fellow farmers.


  • Price: 28 560, - €
  • DailyUpkeep: 5, - €
  • Fruits: wheat, rape, maize, barley, chaff, potato, sugar beet, silage, wood chips, sunflower, oat, compost
  • Capacity: 52,000 liters
  • Minimum power: 90hp
  • Finish: lighter gloss
  • Washable: Yes


Fliegl 4-axis Trailer
Fliegl 4-axis Trailer
Version: 1.0
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