John Deere W330

John Deere W330 re-skin by RedFox

John Deere expanded its range of harvesting machines with the new W330 and W440 harvester. The W330 is a 5-shaker combine with 216 hp and Vordreschtrommel (PTC) has been developed to meet the needs of farmers who are looking for a powerful, yet compact machine. With 750 mm wide tires, the overall width of the combine is less than 3.3 m and the turning radius of only 6.5 m, so it's perfect for regions with small fields and narrow streets.

As a premium provider of larger Combine harvester John Deere has the demand for compact machines detected in many regions of Europe, which was partly also being driven by the relatively high grain prices in recent years. Both the W330 and W440 are addressed to the customers of this segment. The W440 was sold 2014 in Poland, Turkey and Germany. With the smaller W330 and the introduction of both models in most European markets (except Northern Europe) 2015 John Deere expands the Mähdrescherangebot in these markets.

Engine: 216hp
Upkeep: 205€/day
Price: 179 000€

John Deere W330
John Deere W330
Version: 1.1
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