John Deere S690i


The John Deere S690 combine is quality engineered to meet your needs for high capacity and excellent grain, straw and chopping quality. Plus exceptional uptime and low cost of operation.


The S690 delivers better grain quality and higher throughput for lower operating costs. The single rotor design is simple and reliable, with few moving parts which means lower power consumption, less wear and fewer maintenance parts. In fact, there are no daily grease points on an S-Series.


The John Deere harvester is ideal for medium to large field sizes, provided with a rigid head 35 ft, make a perfect set for work on the farm nowadays, where Technology and Productivity Together to Provide profitable production.

Since the dirt does not work if there is an object with more than one texture in this version I have not been able to add the ability to become dirty

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John Deere S690i
John Deere S690i
Version: 1.0
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